#ISUPPORTBIFF_Rutger WOLFSON (Former Festival Director/International Film Festival Rotterdam)

2016-03-14 15:10

We’re huge fan of Busan International Film Festival. It’s a very important festival globally. I've been following whats going on Busan very closely. Were extremely concerned that the chairman of the organization committee asked to withdraw a film from its program in a civilized society Korea this should not be the case. And were following this very closely.

For a festival, independent program is incredibly important. As a festival organizer myself, I know how difficult it is to make a program, how time consuming it is, how stressful it is at the moment. Its practically impossible to ask for a festival to share the idea of the program beforehand with any organization. The Busan International Film Festival should be free to make their festival they want to make and they need to make.

And I would like to ask the citizens of Busan to support the festival not only on behalf of the city, wonderful city of Busan, but also on behalf of the international film community. Thank you very much.

Rutger WOLFSON (Former Festival Director/International Film Festival Rotterdam)
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