#ISUPPORTBIFF_Dieter KOSSLICK (Festival Director/Berlin International Film Festival)

2016-03-14 15:21

I guess all festivals have to report to their board after its festival and before the new one. But this doesnt mean that any political intervention have to be done. We, here in Germany, we have a very specific situation that the government and the city of Berlin own the festival. And the head of the government and the head of the board is the German cultural minister. But never ever in my fourteen years, they would have interfered in our program, they would have interfered in our political issues even if we have shown - and we have - films which they didn’t like. And I know that they didn’t like. The film festival and the curator have to be independent. That’s the first thing with art.

We looked carefully what happened in Busan. Because we are so close tie over the years. We have a very very good relationship. We exchange the programs. And we have visited our festivals all the years since whole BIFF started. So, of course, we are in solidarity with the director and the committee. And we will see what turns out. And we will speak for the director and for the art. But we will wait, because I still hope that there is a solution and so the whole board and the director can go on. Hopefully this is our wish from Berlin International Film Festival.

Dieter KOSSLICK (Festival Director/Berlin International Film Festival)
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