Response from BIFF’s festival director to the result of the Board of Directors

2016-03-14 16:00
#Response from BIFF’s festival director to the result of the Board of Directors

The four resolutions presented by the result of the Board of Directors Meeting on March 8th were solely based on the city government’s unilateral assertion. The meeting was led by the ex officio members like the city mayor, the deputy mayor, and the director-general of Culture and Tourism Bureau in Busan city, and it is obvious that their resolutions reflect the city government’s stance only on the situation. This is why the change of composition of ex officio members has to be included in the new articles of association for the festival to be managed with its own independence and autonomy. Here is the festival director’s stance to the each resolution.

First, there are lots of problems with the appointment of the new committee advisors that took place on Feb 1st. The festival should take measure to solve these problems (nullify the appointments)

1) The committee advisors have been appointed by the festival director over the last 20 years. It is the festival director’s own right which is stated in the articles of association. The appointment of the committee advisors has never been approved or dictated by the chairman of the festival.

2) The new committee advisors have been legally appointed in accordance with the articles of association. There is no reason whatsoever to nullify their appointment without any legal ground.

3) The appointment of the new committee advisors was officially reported at the general assembly meeting on Feb 25th. Therefore, no measures needed to be taken about the appointment. In fact, it is impossible to nullify it.

Second, the special assembly meeting that was requested on Feb 25th should be postponed until appropriate amendment is ready.

The special assembly meeting was requested by 106 committee members with the proper procedure stated in the articles of association, so it is beyond the festival director’s authority.

Third, The festival should participate in a round-table talk to collect extensive opinions on revision of the articles of association.

The festival is open to various opinions, but if it is led by the Busan city it will be very difficult to collect various opinions. Moreover, the revision of the articles of association is not something to be done by unspecified individuals on round table talk.

Fourth, the festival (staffs and executive committee) should commit themselves to their duties and focus on preparation of the next festival.

We are trying to do our best to prepare for the next edition of the festival. But in order for us to be back on track, we need the city government’s acceptance on our situation and their cooperation.
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