Press Conference held by 148 Korean filmmakers in support of BIFF

2016-03-24 15:04

Press Conference held by 148 Korean filmmakers in support of BIFF

(March 24, 2016 2:00pm @ Seoul Art Cinema)

We are rookie directors who have been invited to the Busan International Film Festival with our films.

We are different except the fact that we only completed one or two films. We are in different generation. We are from different regions and have different religions and political opinions. Nevertheless, we all have one thing in common.  We do love cinema.

BIFF has been like a protective fence for us. Within the fence, we watch the films with various points of views, learn many things from the passionate audiences, and eventually become more open minded. These experiences in BIFF gave us opportunity to learn how to embrace our differences and be more mature not only as filmmakers, but also as human beings.

Because of the festival staffs’ devotion with their expertise and their rights to have freedom of expression, it has been able to maintain the most representative film festival in Asia for both filmmakers and audiences over the last twenty years.

The culture can bloom only when basic principles of freedom of speech and embracing the differences are kept. We believe that these principles are the dignity of a nation and respect for other generation living in the same age.

But unfortunately, we cannot not see any dignities or respect in what’s happening in Busan right now.

'Support without interference' is the universal understanding and the noble premise for supporting art and culture.

The fence of Busan International Film Festival should be wider and deeper because our culture doesn’t belong to us but it belongs to the next generation.

When children see the limitless sky, they will learn how to imagine the Universe. When children dip their hands in the bottomless sea, they will understand Mother Nature. Then they will live their lives in the world where cultural freedom passed down from us is cherished.
We still believe that passion and effort of all cineaste will protect Busan International Film Festival. Let us all be of one mind to protect it.
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