#ISUPPORTBIFF_Bahman Ghobadi (Filmmaker / Iran)

2016-03-11 17:37


I am deeply sorry to hear that there are some troubles around our esteemed Busan International Film Festival.

The Government interference in the festival affairs,

even worse to try to change the head of excellent achievement team of the festival is something that makes us so sad.

BIFF is a great hope for all the filmmakers around the world, specially the Asian filmmakers like me.

This festival has been always wrapping us with love, affection, kindness.

And the professional attitude, organisation, dicipline of BIFF’s member and on top Mr. Lee Yang Kwan,

has opened a beautiful window to the heart of South Korea for the world artists.

If the government of S. Korea or any other related association, try to make some changes in this wonderful organisation of BIFF,

then this window will become foggy and we will see a very different view of South Korea or Korean people.

I strongly hope and demand that no change happens to BIFF in any level now and ever.

Bahman Ghobadi
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